Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweets and Treats

yes, this is my child....yes, she is wearing a nightgown, sunglasses AND a bicycle helmet. Why? I guess it's just super fun. She's crushing some strawberries for our annual Strawberry Jammin' day. And lastly, yes, her fingers are in the bowl. If you recieved our jam, ate it and are now seeing this - at least you survived! and Lucy didn't send any kiddie germs your way.

flippin' over the jars so we can hear them POP!


Lucy requests banana bread on a weekly basis. She and I devoured almost all of it - she would have eaten more but I added walnuts this time (hoping she wouldn't notice and I could sneak in a little extra protein into my picky girl's diet) go. She will sit and meticulously pick out each little teeny piece of walnut. Note to self - no more walnuts in her banana bread unless they are ground

My latest recipe trial - homemade poptarts! My friend told me about a recipe she had tried. I was a bit skeptical - but I tried it out. She shared how her children devoured them. My girl? No go - it's times like these where I am thinking "what is wrong with you, child?!" It's all about presentation with Lucy. If it's not covered in fancy sprinkles or glistening with icing - most likely she won't even try it. I think she senses there is something healthy about these (minus the butter and sugar involved - but lacking in a million preservatives!). So sad for her - because there were amazing! More for me :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

an "early" update - 32 wks.

I spoke way too soon! After a week (and a DAY!) my OBs office called me to tell me that I did not pass my 1-hour glucose test. So, I had to make an appt. to go to the hospital for my 3-hour. Did that last Friday and got the call today - I passed! At least I had 3 hours of sitting in a recliner and reading trash magazines....I think I'm all caught up on my People news.

Also had my recent OB appt. and ultrasound last Tuesday. I needed to have another u/s because I was diagnosed with previa again with this pregnancy. Thankfully the previa has corrected itself and no signs of any issues with that. I did get to bring home some new pics of our girl. When I had this u/s with Lucy - the tech told me that Lucy had a ton of hair. I asked this time about Annie and she said she only saw some peach fuzz. I loved being able to be bows and barretts in Lucy's hair - I'm hoping Annie grows just a bit more so that we can put something in her hair!

Feeling ok - but getting super uncomfortable. And this girl just doesn't stop moving! So not much sleep is going on for me. Thankful we feel her moving a ton though - we know she is healthy! Yesterday she kicked Lucy and Lucy just laughed for the longest time.

Oh - and my latest - "why didn't I think of this before" moment. I hired a Mommy helper/babysitter. Gabby is a girl @ our church who just loves Lucy. So a few months ago I asked her if she wanted to come over once a week and hang out with Lucy while I do odd jobs around the house or run errands. Day 1 was last week. I cannot tell you how glorious it was to run errands ALONE! - and i slipped in a pedicure! Plus Lucy gets to do fun things that Mommy just can't do right now - like have someone to run around with her and keep up with her. (and also the things Mommy doesn't like to do - like play with play-doh!) Don't ask me why - I just hate making things with play-doh. This has been a huge blessing. I'm looking forward to Gabby coming again this week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July

Waiting for the picnic to start!

getting silly!!

This is mostly what I have for pictures! :( Due to camera malfunction I didn't get many at all. But a really fun day!


Our friends, Rick and Nathalie, were married 5 yrs. ago - but it wasn't the traditional style wedding we are all accustomed to. Rick was being shipped out on duty. So they were married quickly and said they would use their 5 yr. to celebrate with a reaffirmation with friends and family. This was Lucy's first time attending a wedding. When she saw Nathalie - she was literally breathless! She kept whispering, "Oh Mommy! She's a princess!" (and she was!) She looked beautiful! Beautiful ceremony in celebration of 2 amazing people.

Sun's in my eyes, Mommy!

waiting for the wedding to start

bride and groom

Nathalie looks amazing! (and Lucy adores her!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tallie Rose!

Happy 10th Birthday!!!! (as of July 3rd) Your aunt is a little late! :)