Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Annie is loving spending time in her new swing.
Lucy loves every part of this new swing set!
Thanks Nanny and Pappy for the swing set! We've been outside now every nice day that we have. I love that the girls have this outside now - it reminds me so much of my own childhood. I've been showing Lucy all the different things I used to do when I was a child - flipping over the bars, swinging on my belly. It took Lu just 2 days to learn how to pump her legs and swing like a champ!
And you know Lucy has to swing while fancy as well!

Easter 2012

Thanks for the Easter card, Mam Mam Bushie!
Tallie and Lucy dying eggs
Annabelle loving on Aunt Mim
This chocolate bunny didn't have a chance!
Daddy and girls ready to celebrate that Jesus Has Risen!
Easter egg hunt in the back yard

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet Girls

Lucy, 4, is such a performer. She loves to sing, dance, and perform for anyone. She's so into princesses and dresses - anything that sparkles and is frilly. But she does love to run around and play baseball with Daddy. She's excited about getting back into ballet again. Lucy loves preschool and is doing so well. Her personality is definitely coming through - as well as some spunkiness. But she is a huge joy and definitely keeps me going all day long.
Annabelle, now 7months, is such a sweetie. This pic shows her first time in a restaurant high chair. She is rolling over and sitting up on her own. Still hates her belly though, but tolerates it a lot more now. Annie is hardly ever fussy unless she is very tired - very go-with-the-flow. She is a watcher - she loves to watch us do things and definitely is a great audience for Lucy!

Thank you, Lord, for these two sweet, amazing gifts that we have been given on this side of heaven.

Nanna and Pap Visit

Dining of the 'veranda'
3 Generations of ladies
Pappy and Peanuts
Yum! First Watch!
A trip to Blue Manatee - with a cupcake from Yum!
A beautiful day @ the park!
Playing baseball with daddy!