Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucy Knows Her Shapes! (and two words)

Lucy has been finding shapes everywhere and will repeat and repeat it until we say the shape also. One day I wrote "Momma" on a piece of paper next to her name and she surprised me with what she said! Ever since, she says it all the time when she sees my name.

again....pause the music below to hear Lucy.

Lucy says her colors

We really had nothing to do with it other than saying the color of things when we play with her.

Like her shiner on her left eye? Yes, she did that today - I'm thinking it was her face meeting the coffee table. Poor thing!
Sorry you have to turn yourself to the side to see this. Her voice is a little low - so turn up the volume :) after you pause the music on the bottom of the page.

Friday, May 15, 2009

new pictures of a big girl

I love this picture of Matt and Lucy reading. As soon as Matt gets home from work, Lucy is usually in his lap ready for a book.

Lucy has been crazy about crayons lately. Note: cute pigtails!

I had a wonderful Mother's day with my 2 favorite people. Here is Lucy in a dress from Aunt Mimmie.

And me with my girl on Momma's Day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Toddler Time

Seems within the last 24 hours, my sweet little girl, who never gets frustrated about anything has started to have a short fuse. I'm going to say she's just a little overtired since she seems to be giving up a nap. But wow! Such a huge change. She cried when the old lady said hello to her in Old Navy and poor Adam in Stride Rite! The poor guy was just trying to measure her little feet. Happy to say we did leave with a new pair of sneaks.

Lucy definitely is taking after Daddy. Our little one is so smart! (don't all parents say that??) We were playing outside today and she kept saying the same sound over and over (a lot of her "words" still sound the same, but we can figure it out by what she is pointing to.) She walked over to our stone patio and was staying "ckr," "ckr." Then bent over and pointed to a square block. Then got up and bent down again and said, "erk" while pointing to a rectangular block. I did the good mommy thing and said, "Yes, Lucy, that's a rectangle/that's a square!" She kept pointing them out and saying their names, then as I went to get her ball in the yard, she starts up again and I look over and she is pointing to triangles on our side door! No kidding! I couldn't wait to tell Matt! She also says "O" for oval and calls a circle a "cle." At 16 m. she is amazing us!

We'll see how tomorrow goes with her frustration - lack of sleep does that to me too. I never thought it would happen to us, but I remember something my friend Sandra said, "The terrible two's start way before 2!" :)