Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July Happenings

Here's just a mish-mash of what we're up to this summer!

Pre-July 4th picnic - love her little face!

Jammin' sisters!

Grandma and Grandpa visit from Panama

Guess who found her makeup from Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique @ Disney World??

Oh how they've grown!  Iris and Annie - what a duo!  Iris is exactly 4 months younger than Annie - yet weighs the same!  How cute are they??

Nanny and Pappy visit from PA

Look @ me!!

Swimming with Nanny

Lucy going to her friend Grace's birthday party - she was supposed to bring her doll to the party with her.  It was pretty amazing - with dress up and a tea party!

Practicing some math - Lucy is constantly saying she misses school.  She's ready to go back.  Look close and you can see she has some makeup on again!

We are so so excited for our trip coming up soon.  Ah, the beach! 
More soon!