Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucy Funnies

Matt and I were talking and laughing about the crazy things that Lucy says lately. Here are some of the things that make us giggle.

She'll say "you" instead of "I." So when she walked up to a woman in the mall and said, "You have a pretty shirt!" as she rubbed her belly, we didn't have the heart to tell the woman that said, "thank you" that she meant that HER shirt was pretty.

We gave Lucy Kool-Aid for the first time. After drinking all of her cup she said, "Mmmm, you want more of that hoo-laid!"

At my sister's house she asked Aunt Mim, "Yooouuu want big cake."

Kim - "Lucy, I don't have big cake."

Lucy - thinking for a second, then says, "Yoooouuu want little cake?"

"There's a downy WORDpecker!!" (she calls woodpeckers woRdpeckers) They are always on our deck eating birdseed.

"You want to use that swimming beauty." swimming beauty = inner tube ???? we don't get it either.

Rubbing Matt's recently shaved head she said, "Daddy has grass hair!" Looking at me she said, "Mommy has stripey hair."
Me: "Lucy, what kind of hair do you have?"
Lucy: "Stripey hair, like Mommy."

Watching the water go down the tub drain - "It's a tor-may-do!!" (tornado)

She loves to say "tinkle treat." She gets a treat for tinkles on the potty. And you better be sure that you don't forget the treat! If so, we get a reminder immediately.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July at the Beach

Matt's coworker invited us out to their place on the lake in South Haven. Lucy loved the beach but didn't like getting so gritty. The pool was much more fun for her!

She loved the beach grass.

Making sandcastles with Daddy

Fourth of July Parade

Our friends, Brian, Jen and Anna, invited us to Ada's Fourth of July parade this past weekend. We had a fun time watching the girls ride the swings and make patriotic "wands." Afterwards, the girls had a fun time playing in Anna's pool. (Anna and Lucy are only 6 days apart in age.)

Daddy and Lucy watching the parade.
The Van Hal's

Friday, July 2, 2010


Playing on Davis' train.

Sofi and Davis ready for their ride.