Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the Garden

"One of the new things people began to find out in the last centruy was that thoughts - just mere thoughts - are as powerful as electric batteries - as good for one as sunlight is, or bad for one as poison. To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body. If you let it stay there after it has got in you may never get over it as long as you live.

Much more surprising things can happen to any one who, when a disagreeable or discouraged thought comes into his mind, just has the sense to remember in time and push it out by putting in an agreeable determinedly courageous one. Two things cannot be in one place."

"Where you tend a rose, my lad,
A thistle cannot grow."
~~~Frances Hodgson Burnett

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Fall!

We just love Fall!! Lucy is looking forward to snow - Matthew and I are just enjoying cooler weather. Lucy loves collecting leaves and acorns. We started a collection and are talking about fall. We decided to make an autumn tree to talk about the seasons and what happens during this time. The glue stick was her favorite thing!

Summer Vacation!!

Before moving we spent 2 wks. in PA - it was a great break! We had a good time on the road - Lucy is a great traveler and loves to stay in the hotel, especially if they have a pool. We were very busy doing...nothing! It was nice to just have nowhere to be and just relax. Here are a few things we did while we were home.

Zelinskie Family reunion - Pap Pap and Lucy

Fireworks in the backyard, thanks to Uncle Mark

Gone Fishin' with Uncle Bobby

Sliding down the rocket @ Knoebel's Grove

Riding the carousel at Knoebels

Bean "Ex-spear-ee-ent"

Lucy and I did a bean science ex-spear-ee-ent (experiment) this summer. We talked about seeds and how they sprout - she was excited to see this process and checked every morning. It stuck with her too - when we were picking weeds in the garden one day I showed her the bottom of the weed and asked her what it was and she said, "Roots!"