Saturday, April 17, 2010


Lucy resting on the sofa with me after my surgery. I love her goofy face!

All the neighborhood girls came over to play on Lucy's roller coaster. They were so cute! They were showing her how to wait in line and playing with her hair.

Picnic on the grass outside of our house.

This is what I see after nap. Lu loves to read her books and just lounge.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Happy Easter Morning! Lucy likes to say, "Hosanna! Jesus is coming!"

Loving her Easter basket

Loving the chocolate bunny even more

Showing off her dress from Nanny and Pappy

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Chef

Making Daddy's birthday treat! YUM!

Helping Mommy make the morning pancakes.

Making cookies for our dinner with Mr. Bill, Miss Kathy, and Sophi.

Back Online!

We've been without a computer for a few weeks. But thankfully we have a new one and I can finally update. The weather is warming up so we are able to get out and do some fun things. Lucy loves to go "see the water," so we walk down to the dam a lot. There are so many parks within walking distance also - and Lucy loves to go to the park!

We have been busy with the library program - and Lucy made it into the paper again! We have made two good friends through the program also. Jamie and Kathy have been a huge lifesaver to me. They are two of the most amazing women and very fun to hang out with. Lucy loves Kathy and Sophi - one night they came over for dinner along with "Mr. Bill." Lucy is always asking about him. Yesterday we met an extremely pregnant Jamie and her son Davis at the Children's Museum. Lucy loves Jamie and Davis kept looking for Lucy when she walked away. Happy to say that we left Jamie and Davis at a little before noon, and then found out today that Reese was born yesterday around 3:00!

March was a crazy month since Matt and I were both traveling. Matt had a trip to IN and another to OH. I took an amazing trip to Chicago with some of my best gals. We had such a good time.

We'll upload some pictures so all can see Miss Lucy having some fun.