Saturday, December 22, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

Our tracker email came today and our boxes went to

Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

A Nutcracker Suite Birthday Party


Sugar and spice and everything nice...
that's what little girls are made of.
Well, very true in this house!
I just can't begin to tell you how much I love to see their relationship blossom.  Lucy and Annie are starting to really bond in a sweet way.  It's taken some time, I think Lucy really wanted (or thought she would have) a sister to play with from the time Annie was born.  Well, it didn't work out that way - Annie was a bit too tiny.  Now that she's a lot more mobile, they are starting to actually do things together and play.  But as a mom, I can surely see their different personalities coming out.  They are both so sweet and dear to my heart. I love them both in such an amazing way and unique way. 

 But, of course, nothing is perfect!  Lucy loves to claim what is hers and likes to tell Annie no often while taking things from her.  To which, Annie strongly will share her opinion.  But Lucy is a very good big sister.  Lucy is just such a lovey girl in general.  She loves everyone!  She is so full of life.  Right now she is very into anything to do with art.  She is always crafting, drawing, and painting.  She loves playing Daddy's itouch and playing video games with Daddy on Fridays.  She is in her 2nd year of preschool and really enjoys it.  We cannot believe that she is already 5!  I'm not looking forward to all-day Kindergarten next year!  Lucy is always dressing up in costumes and will definitely expect you to play the part as well.  She is a TALKER!  There is never a quiet ride in the car anywhere!  She talks about and questions everything - she loves anything to the do with the weather.  She loves to read and is an amazing reader.  There are those quiet moments when I will find her in her room with a stack of books.  Lucy is also in her second year of ballet and she loves it.   
We are super proud of this sweet gal!

 Oh Miss Annabelle Kate!  This girl is such a cuddler and a sweetheart.  She loves to give kisses.  Annie is constantly on the move now.  She has been in PT for about 2 months for not pulling up.  She is crawling all over the place now.  She is also pulling up on furniture but only up on her knees.  She is bouncing up and down and reaching for things up high.  She loves baby dolls and takes very good care of them - she will give them kisses and a blanket and put them "night night."  She loves anything that is sissy's!  Forget about baby toys for her - she wants the big girl stuff.  Just like her big sister, she has her favorite Gicker (blanket).  But she has started to call hers "Guck Guck."  Annie is a good, little sleeper, but those naps!  Not as long as Lucy's were - we used to get a good 2-3 hours out of her.  Annie will occasionlly make it to 2 hours!  That's a good day!  :)  But thankfully she is a good night sleeper.  I can't say enough of how amazing it is to have these gals go to bed by 7:30 and have time for just us.  Annie had some rough times - then we discovered a molar coming in - she has so many teeth already.  Annie just has this sweetness about her - she will just look over at us and just smile.  Such a way to brighten the day!

You'd think Lucy dressed up Annabelle, but she didn't!  Annie grabbed all the stuff nearby and just started putting it on!
Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy!

I cannot believe that you are 5 years old.  You fill each of our days with so much joy!  We love you, sweet girl.  God has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hodge Podge

So it's been a month since my last post - or more....that should be a good indicator of how much time I've had!  More on that later! :)  I'll also give a good update on what the girlies are up to lately.  here is just a hodge podge of pictures from the last few months.  I made it to Halloween!  The other pics are still on my camera.  So here  ya go!
Our sweet friend Nathalie and her husband Rick came over to share in Lucy's first hot dog roasting.  Fun!

another crazy family picture!

Watching little Miss Iris for the day!!

Annabelle just loves anything that belongs to Sissy.  She put on these boots nonstop!

Our fun little builder.  She will sit and just play and play and you don't hear a peep from her!

Here are 2 pics of Lucy's field trip to the farm.  We only took 2 pics before my batteries zonked out. 

sister love - OH i love this!

Annabelle was dressed as Rapunzle for Halloween

Lucy as Cinderella

All the girls!

Such a Daddy's girl!!! 

Going through her Halloween loot! 
We'll update more when we get a moment!  The holiday is upon us as well as Lucy's birthday party this weekend.  So, things are a bit crazy for now!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exciting News!!


Piper Joy Wheeler
We cannot wait to meet you!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Vacation Part 2 - Pennsylvania

So vacation was back in the end of August and beginning of September - and it's now almost the end of October!  It's been busy!  But finally being able to update!
We had an amazing vacation.  Annie is so easy to travel with and just goes with the flow.  Lucy is easy, loves hotels, and will either talk our ears off in the car or watch a video.  We were bummed we didn't get to Knoebels this time around - only open on the weekends and it rained the day we were going to go.  But still a blessed time with family.  Here are a few shots:
Taking a bath in Nanny's sink!

Hanging out in the yard with Uncle Eric.

Already fighting over the tv.

Playing in Nanny and Pappy's house - an making messes on the floor.


Another birthday celebration for Annabelle.

Shannon - one of my oldest and dearest hometown friends.

Lucy and Lylah eating cupcakes (Lylah is Shannon's daughter)

The "boys" - Matthew, Dad, Uncle David and Scott (mom and dad's best friends)

Lucy, Annabelle, and Lylah

Annie @ Mam Mam Bushie's house with Uncles David and Bobby

Hanging out on Nanny's front porch in the morning

Taking a bath!

Getting love from Mam Mam Bushie

Going home - here are the girls in the hotel room