Friday, December 30, 2011

Disney - Part 3

Lucy and Nanny outside of the Hundred Acre Wood ride.
Annabelle with Daddy (she adores her daddy! - I can get her to smile at me while I'm smiling - but she'll just look at Daddy across the table and just smile and smile!)
Lucy and Daddy ready to ride Dumbo
Our resort at night
Cinderella's castle at night
All in all - we had a great time. Not relaxing, but it was a good trip. I was so thankful that Mom was there with us - Lucy loves her and it was fun for her to spend time with Nanny in their own room. We'll definitely go back but not for a few years! Lucy really liked the parks, but she was more interested in fountains, meeting characters, and feeding the birds. After about an hour at the park she asked if "we could go back to the hotel to swim." Very thankful for a good trip - it certainly is a magical place.

Disney Part 2

Our lovely room attendant, Nilda, took great care of us and even left us some cute animals (pictured here with Miss Annie). Lucy stayed with Nanny and loved it - they were next door to us. They had some swan towels every day and she also left some towels in Mickey's shape on the beds.
Our second day in Magic Kingdom, Lucy had an appointment at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique to get her hair, nails and makeup done for her birthday present. Here she is picking out her hair accessories with her Fairy Godmother-in-training.
Getting some finishing touches on her hair.
All is done! After this her Fairy Godmother-in-training put on a birthday sash and spun her around to look at herself in the big mirror. Her reaction?......she burst into tears and cried, "I don't like it!" Oh boy....I felt bad for her Fairy Godmother - but Lucy recovered - a photographer stopped her outside and took some shots of her next to Cinderella's fountain.
And what do you do when you get all princess-y? You meet Cinderella in her castle, of course, and have lunch with the princesses!
The castle was beautiful!
Lucy met all the princesses. Here she is with her favorite, Ariel.
Mommy and Daddy's favorite, Belle, came over and gave our Annabelle a kiss on the forehead.

Disney Part 1

Here are some starter pictures of our trip to Disney! We had a really good time - but truth be told - it was rough with a newborn! We planned this trip before Annabelle was born so it all looked "easy" then. But we were glad that we were able to take Lucy for her birthday and spend some good family time together. Our resort was amazing - we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. We we go again (in about 4 years!) I'd love to stay there again. The food court was ok - but the rooms, pool, and the resort grounds were just amazing. We had such a pretty view from our room (which we never got a picture of). The picture above is of Lucy in front of one of the Christmas trees in the resort lobby.
She was so excited to meet Daisey - and kept telling all the characters that "she missed them so much!"
Our newest cutie giving Daddy some lovin'.
Having a good day in Epcot - dressed as Snow White.
Stopping to pose with Nanny!
Annabelle rode around in style and this was the only way she would sleep. We couldn't get her to sleep in the carseat in the stroller. So I got to carry around 13 lbs. of baby for 6 whole days.
Our little family pic with Mickey and Minnie
Our first day we ate at the Crystal Palace and met Pooh Bear and his friends. The food was so amazing with such a variety. Definitely worth it to eat there.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Girl!

Happy 4 Months!
Miss Annie is growing! At her 4 month appointment she weighed in @ 13.7 lbs and is in the 80th %tile for length! Girlie is going to be tall! I was wondering why all her 3 month clothes were so loose around the top, but noticed that she was busting out of the bottom.
She is doing well and growing. She is much different from her sister. At this age Lucy was pushing up on her arms and playing with all her toys on the exersaucer. Annabelle absolutely hates tummy time (she face plants and even though we put her arms under her, she won't use them) and when we put her in the exersaucer she slumps over to one site and will either start to scream or begin to suck on the fabric. So we have to work on her upper body strength - and sadly that means we have to endure her screaming through all these activities. She's the happiest baby on her back. She giggles, coos and babbles - but since our ped said she is getting a flat spot on the back of her head - we need to get her off her back, other than sleeping.
She tried her first cereal today (barley, yum!). She didn't like it so much and was gagging a bit - because her silly Mommy didn't mix it properly and made it too thick. No wonder the poor thing was gagging. Tomorrow we'll be sure to give her the right consistency.
Annie is quite the fireball. She definitely has a temper to match her crazy hair. We love her to pieces, but wow does that crying and fussing get to us! We are definitely praying that she outgrows it and soon! Still trying to get her to learn to nap - we'll get there! (please say we'll get there!) and she is still waking up in the night for us. She was doing great for a while and getting up only once, but now she is getting up twice and then starting her day way too early for our liking. She is so exhausted from not napping, that she tries to turn her late nap @ 5:00 pm into her bedtime. We hate doing it - but we wake her up around 6-6:30 just so we can get her cleaned up and get another feeding in for the day.
We love this little girl! She's throwing us for a loop and she is one tough cookie - but we treasure her!

Happy Birthday, Lucy Mae!

So what are you going to do for your birthday?!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So Thankful!

Lots of fun stuff going on this Thanksgiving. This year the whole family came to my sister's house to enjoy the holiday. We had such a great time! I played Wii for the first time - and realized my sister is a better dancer than I am! She had more points than I did during our dance off. Good exercise though!

The girls put on a fashion show for us.

Lucy absolutely loved having Uncle Eric there.

Dean and Matt relaxing!

Lucy playing with Pappy while wearing her new Snow White nightgown