Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Almost Spring.....

so time for an update!
Not only does this girl "love to Dance" (as her shirt says) but she loves to read!

Miss Annabelle Kate - you are just so cute!

Here's Lucy ready to go out with Daddy for the night!  She and Matt went to the Daddy/Daughter dance last month. 
Here are the other beautiful, little girls who went along:
Karah and Lizzie (how sweet and beautiful do they look?)

Daddy's and their girls

Dancing with Daddy

Fort building!  I just have to laugh @ this picture because Annie is so obsessed with that flower lei!  I will put it in different places and somehow she finds it.

Hiding inside!
Lucy:  Still loving preschool.  Loves ballet.  Getting sassier by the minute.  But overall a sweet, good girl!  She loves reading, dancing, building forts, and Magic Tree House books. 
Annie:  so sweet - but a budding firecracker.  She has no problems telling us no or pitching a little fit - however, she is pretty cute while doing it.  Still not walking - but climbing stairs and pulling up on everything.  She was fitted for orthotics, and we go for a final fitting to pick them up this week.  She's pronating her left foot and relying much more on her right leg, so her left leg is weaker.  But just 2-3 months with her brace on her left ankle and she should get the support she needs.  We love watching her progress and now need to get ready for her to be walking and running everywhere! 
Matt and I are looking forward to our vacation in a few weeks!