Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Then & Now.......

Posting pictures of our recent beach trip to Rehoboth reminded me of our trip back in 2009.
Here is Lucy on the boardwalk - age: 18 months.
Here she is now: 4 1/2 yrs.old

I'm starting to get that "remember those days" feeling!
But enjoying her in our lives NOW as well.

Rehoboth Beach Vacation

HI!  We made it to Rehoboth!  We love the beach!  It was so good to finally get away on a real vacation - we had a whole 2 weeks! 

Matt in full relaxation mode.  After all that work @ the hospital - it was time!  The girls loved having Daddy around every day.

This little gal loved her first time @ the beach.

After a day @ the beach, Lucy usually wanted to just put on some jammies and rest on the sofa with a good book.

The girls hanging out on our bed before bedtime.

Pool fun!  Both girls love the water - and again, super happy that Daddy is with them all day.

Yup - Mom and Dad came to visit with us - and spend time with the girls.  Matthew and I were able to go out alone while Nanny and Pappy hung out with the girls.  We had free time to do some damage @ the outlets and walk on the boardwalk in the evening.

so fun and sassy.

The ocean is just amazing!  I love seeing this amazing creation by God.  My mom, sister, and I could live at the beach.  I could sit on the beach for hours and just marvel @ the beauty He has created.   

Dad relaxing (Dad- you are always relaxing!)

My girl loves her grahams!

beach lover!  girl after Momma's heart!

Lucy and Momma's sandy toes

Nanny and I took the girls to the boardwalk for one last time.  Matthew had gone home with Dad to go to the camp with " the guys."  (Dad, brother, and uncles)  Let's just say - that was interesting.  And what Pop Pop used to stay, "What happens @ the camp, stays @ the camp." 
playing whack-a-mole with Nanny

Looking @ all the action on the boardwalk

So long beach - see you next summer!
Hello Nanny & Pappy's house.....
coming up next!
Vacation Part 2

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Positive Body Images

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As I get older, and after having 2 children, the first thing I hear (and have said as well) is how I have to get this extra baby weight off, or have to lose a few inches.  I'm getting kinda bothered with hearing it over and over.  I'm all about being healthy - modified eating, healthy foods, and exercise (NOT to the extreme).  But I'm praying my girls grow to know that they are beautiful for who they are.

This site shared some things about how to raise a child with positive body image.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Annie Kate!

Our Sweet Anne Girl!  We cannot believe you are 1 yr old already.  You are such a delight to us and bring us joy each moment.  I love to see your personality coming through more and more each day.  Happy Birthday Sweet Annabelle Kate!

I started this tradition with Lucy - get dressed up and have a birthday lunch @ Bon Bonerie.  I was thrilled to be able to take Annie for her first birthday!  She, of course, finished her sister's lunch.  Then finished everything off with a tea cookie.  She is a lover of life and giggles her way through the day.  Such a blessing!

Afterwards we went upstairs to the bakery to see if the Bon Bonerie actually sold Bon Bons.  The don't!!!!!!!!!!  We settled for these cute little ladybug (and bee) cookies. 
What a blessed year we've had!
Annabelle Kate
August 23rd, 2011

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sugar & Spice Birthday!

Annabelle's birthday was so much fun to plan!  I love planning parties for little kids - it's so much fun for me.  I love making my girls' invitations and cakes/cupcakes, however simple things are!  I was so happy to have my sister and niece to help me out.  I made these cute little cookies - and then my sister glazed and decorated them - they were lovely.  But then completely forgot to get a picture.  I'm going to depend on my sister and hope she has some pictures.  For now, this is what fun things we did for Annie's party day.

Cute, simple invitations.  I used pink card stock that had raised polka-dots on it and made two invites per page.  Then cut down the middle and added a sparkly cupcake to the top.  Easy peasy.

Party bags - to fill with candy.  All the little girls received a hair barrette that I made and our one little prince @ the party received funny glasses and harmonica.  Party bags were from a party store - then I printed out labels.  Added a lollipop sticker and wa-la!  Cuteness!

Sweet central!  Candy bar!

A variety of candy - plus cinnamon/sugar mixture for the Mommas

Banner idea came from Martha Stewart online - tissue pom poms also came from Martha - however, I learned of them second hand from a friend.  All super easy!

MMMMM!  Cake!  I love making my girl's cakes.  I know my sister got a shot of it - but the inside was a zebra pattern.

crazy fam picture

Cake banner with Annie's name
I made a little smash cake for the birthday girl
Sissy stepped in to help a little bit.
Then Eloise jumped in!  Then Karah - which I didn't have a shot of....but I know my sister does!

Love my sis - here she is with Annie-banannie
Opening presents - look at that red face!  Gotta' use natural red dye next time!

More presents and party girls in the back! 
What a fun time!  I'm so excited and already planning Lucy's birthday. 
All in all - we were thrilled to just enjoy celebrating our sweet little girl with beautiful friends.  Once I have pics uploaded we'll show the birthday girl on her TRUE first birthday!
We love you,  Annabelle Kate!