Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thankful Thanksgiving!!

We headed to Michigan again for our Thanksgiving break! Our week really flew by - I'm amazed that we are already home. It was filled with a lot of talking, a lot of game playing (esp. Cribbage for Matt and Dean), and a lot of food. Yum! I made Thanksgiving dinner for the fam with a little help from Tallie. I love doing this every year. We also had a chance to visit with some friends that we left behind a few months ago. We had lunch with some of Matt's coworkers and I had a girl's night! SO many things to be thankful for!! God's blessings are so amazing and He has made life so very sweet.

For some pics of our Thanksgiving time - go here. I'm the cook - my sister is the photographer. :) Loves her!

So now we switch our gears to the next holiday. I caved and put up our Christmas lights before Thanksgiving - we can't do anything Christmas before Thanksgiving - we love fall things way too much. But it was nice out - so I figured it was easier to do it then than freeze while doing it later. I started decorating the house today during Lucy's nap. This week we'll go pick out our Christmas tree. I can't wait for the fresh tree smell in the house. So much going on until Christmas - my mom and dad are coming for a week and we are planning Lucy's birthday also. Crazy that our sweet, little girl is going to be 3!

Oh - and now it's time to change the blog music to our Holiday Hoopla

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

Daddy took Lucy around the neighborhood for treats while Mommy gave out candy with the neighbors -all on our front porch! Lucy walked up to the houses saying, "Bzzzz!"

taking inventory the next day
Whew! I think I am all caught up on posts for now and may not visit blogger again for another month!

Big Girl!

Our girl is truly growing up! She officially moved into her big girl bed about a month ago - has transitioned to big girl undies and is refusing to sit in any type of booster or high chair. Here are a few pictures of Lucy's new bed and bedroom (still in progress).

I love that she is using my old bed from when I was a teenager.

Pumpkin Carving

We hosted a pumpkin carving party for our neighbors and friends - we had to do something with those great pumpkins from the farm!!

The Maxam's

The Ernst's

Funky Halloween food

Uncle Josh stopped by for a visit

Fall on the Farm

Farm fun and pumpkin picking with some fun friends!

Fall Fest 2010

Each year our church puts on a Fall Fest for the kids - they play games and get prizes/candy. Lucy wanted to invite her friend, Grace, this year. They girls had a fun time and we all stayed out way too late!

Grace and Lucy - the insect parade

Lucy and Jason George