Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nanny and Pappy Visit - AGAIN!!

Lucy and Audrey at song time with Mr. Shipp - they love this!
Dad being silly

Lucy and Nana
Mom and Dad just can't stay away! (Don't worry, ya'll, we love it!) They had a wedding in Cleveland, so they decided to pop in to see us again. We know they are really coming to smooch on Lucy but we like to think that we have something to do with them wanting to come here again. We had a great time! Mom went with us to our library program one day and to song time another. We had lunch (like always!!) at First Watch. Sometimes I swear that my mom has much more energy that I do. One afternoon I walked into our basement to see my dad videotaping as my mom and Lucy "painted" the mirror with bubbles. The whole sink was full of bubbles and Lucy was standing on the sink, as my mom held her, and was smearing bubbles all over the mirror. ONLY grandparents do fun stuff like this. Since they have gone, Lucy will ask for bubbles now when we are in the basement bathroom. They are off to Michigan to create some more fun with the Wheelers. Have a great time you traveling fools!!!

Our Big Girl

Best Friends - Audrey and Lucy
Happy 2nd Birthday, Audrey!
Lucy gets all dressed up for Audrey's party.

Having fun at the park with Daddy

She is getting so big!!
Our little baby girl is turning into a BIG girl. She is so much fun - we enjoy every day with her. Here are some fun things that she has been doing:
**Lucy knows all her letters and numbers from 1-12. She knows her colors and all her shapes (including octagon and pentagon).
**She has 12 teeth (those molars were tough coming in)
**She has started drinking from a big girl cup - and always wants "chocolate milk!!!"
**She has had 3 successful stops on the potty. Tonight she was so excited after she tinkled on her potty.
**She has numerous books memorized and sometimes we'll come into the room and she will be "reading" a book out loud to herself.
**She loves to dance and sing. Every night she will say "sing song" and after we sing a few will ask, "sing one more song, -k?"
We can hardly believe that she is almost 2! Our hearts are already breaking!!!