Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kickoff to Summer

Anna and Lucy - that's a laugh, not a cry!
How cute are we?

Rockford had a small town parade and carnival for the Kickoff to Summer. Lucy had a great time watching the parade and eating dum dums with Aunt Mim and Cousin Tallie. Our friends, Brian, Jen and Anna joined us. Anna and Lucy had fun on the rides!

Friday, June 4, 2010

more randoms!

working on the computer with Daddy

Big cheesey smile

helping Mommy make molten chocolate lava cakes (yes, there is a whole stick of butter in that dish!)

sampling some of the good stuff!

Sunny Days

How cute are these girls?! I had Tallie for a day - we took a long walk downtown Rockford and along the trail. We ended up at Epic, a local coffee shop, for a treat (cookies for the girls, coffee for me!) I love to see them running and playing together.

Dog Whisperer

Cesar - you just have to love this guy. We don't get many channels, but I've become addicted to National Geographic. Mainly because of this fella. I've even gotten my niece, Tallie Rose, into the Dog Whisperer. Because of this man, I "may" want to try dog ownership one day. Under one condition - it has to behave like my childhood dog, Gretal, or Benson, who belongs to our friends the Thorntons. (We miss you, Benny!)