Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Little Ladies

 Miss Annabelle Kate - such a sweet, giggly girl.  Annie is so much fun with such a sweet personality.  However, she has no issue with letting you know when she is angry.  Many times through the day I have to say, "Oh boy!  You're angry!"  And just let her throw her fit on the floor - which isn't too awful - usually just her crying and dramatically laying her head in her lap.  She usually doesn't want help, but wants to do everything by herself.  Today I was helping her up on something at the park and she did her little, "ACK!" and swatted my hand away.  Then started fussing and crying because I had stepped in.  I just stepped away and figured I'd do my best "swoop in" if I saw her falling.  I love her personality because I can see that when she's older she won't let anyone push her around.  Good for her!  She is constantly laughing and jabbering.  Wow - is she a talker!  She loves purses and necklaces (neckins).  Annie has come such a long way with her gross motor skills.  She's been pulling up for a while and now she is cruising all over the place.  This girl will work for M&Ms (who wouldn't?).  We set up a little obstacle course for her and she'll walk all over to get her candy.  She still won't walk alone.  But now I can hold her hands and she'll walk some short distances before plopping down and just back to crawling.  She loves the slide and insists on going down alone.  She crawled up onto the sofa the other day and crawled behind me to look out the window and said, "I spy eye......some bing....wewwo(yellow)!"  Daddy, Lucy and Annie play I Spy while the look out the window.  Guess she decided to play on her own this day!  She even answered herself after a pause and said, "Noooooo......(pause)  YES!"  She's so good at playing alone.  I don't hear from her for the longest time.  She is such a treasure from God - our little family is so blessed with her in it.
Miss Lucy Mae - so big!  Our girl is ready for Kindergarten this fall.  Lucy gets more and more bored @ home.  I can't seem to entertain her enough most days.  (and Lucy sure does need to be entertained.)  She's so extremely social!  She could talk to anyone, anywhere about anything.   Her latest likes:  still ballet, reading, painting/drawing and playing the piano.  She taught herself a few songs and can play them well - so we may invest in some lessons in the near future.  Whenever she needs to just "be alone" (which isn't often - I don't think she can handle it!) she heads to her book corner to read.  Her latest favorites are Junie B. Jones and the Magic Tree House series.  They both keep her entertained for a good chunk of time.  I love Magic Tree House books because they teach her a lesson - I used to love to use them in the classroom when I was teaching.  Lucy is such a kind girl.  However, she's definitely getting her own mind and likes to let us know - and gets quite sassy.  So she's been a challenge sometimes and can push us to have a short fuse.  Independence - it happens!  I love her - God has given her a compassionate heart.  I can't wait to see how He will use that in the future.