Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleepover Party

Lucy had her first sleepover party this weekend. Our friends, Jen and Brian, came over with their daughter Anna. The men got a game night together, so the girls hung out. Jen and Anna slept over. So we brought a bunch of toys up from the basement and the fun began.

Lots of fun chasing Miss Jen around the house.
Jen, Anna, and Lucy

Tallie, Anna and Lucy

being silly

Little Bakers

Tallie was with us all last week since my sister had to take a class. The girls wanted to make banana bread, and I was just the helper. These sweet, little bakers did a good job! I absolutely love these moments.

Much to Matt's dismay - I allow the girls to eat uncooked banana bread. Aren't all kids supposed to lick the beater/bowl?