Thursday, February 18, 2010


So we've been in our house almost 2 weeks. It's been so cold, but we try to get out as much as we can. One night during a big snow - I just had to get out! After being in the house all day with a toddler, it was driving me crazy! So, I went outside to shovel. Um....unheard of in these parts! In about 10 min., I had a neighbor walking across the street to introduce himself AND to offer to use the snowblower on our driveway. HUGE blessing - because we have a big driveway. It was nice to get outside for some exercise shoveling, but our neighbor took care of the rest.

Next day? More snow. I was leaving our home with Lucy in tow - and at the END of our driveway was a small pile of snow. As I was backing out I got stuck - couldn't go forward or backward. I went into our garage and got a shovel and just started shoveling while Lucy waited in the car - I had NO idea if what I was doing would work - but I had to do something or cry (well, those of you who know me well know that I definitely was shoveling AND tearing up!) :) In a matter of minutes, another neighbor (a wonderful retired gentleman) came over and introduced himself....then offered to push me out. He told us that we can borrow his snowblower anytime. When Lucy and I returned home - there was Mr. Al (who Lucy now calls Mr. Owl) snowblowing (is this a word?) our driveway.

Lastly - we had a knock on our door last weekend. It was another neighbor along with his 2 daughters. They welcomed us to the neighborhood and gave us a card. Inside was a very generous gift card to a restaurant in downtown Rockford.

God truly blesses even in the midst of doubt, that's for sure! Lucy and I are finding our way around the area - but not too thrilled with the distances that we have to travel. Yesterday at our library time (one of our 'close' activities!) there was a man in her library class taking pictures for the local paper - he came over to me later to ask Lucy's name and age - her pic will be in the paper - he got her in her element holding a book (as usual). Today we took a trip to the "local" mall and met Peggy and her daughter Emma - they played in the mall play area and then we took the girls to a storytime at Barnes & Noble. Of course we left with something- this time Lucy chose a Wonder Pets book with a paint set. We'll see how that goes after naptime.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We're Here

So we made it to Rockford, MI. It's been quite a crazy ride for us thus far. We're trying to get settled in and find our way, so to speak! It's very different from Cincinnati, so finding things for Lucy and I to do during the day has been hard. We were usually on the go so much in the mornings and now we don't really get out much at all. That's been a huge change for us! Matt is doing ok at his new job. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece are able to come over for dinners, so that has been a huge help so that we don't feel too isolated at this point. They have been amazing - the 3 guys unloaded the truck in no time!

Lucy has done pretty well in her new room. She sleeps through the night with only one or two nights with a wake-up call. But she has been getting up super early - so that's been tiring us out a lot!

If you can remember us in prayer - please pray for peace. We do miss Cincinnati a lot and the adjustment has been very, very hard. We are looking into churches also. Please pray that God would direct us to where we need to be - and for the weather to warm up quickly!!