Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Summer Visit

Lucy tries on Daddy's shoes
Our family pictures are always silly!

Hugs for Daddy

taking a walk with Pap Pap

Mom and Dad came to visit us from the east for their annual summer visit. My pictures aren't that great - Mom had her camera with her most of the time - so I'm waiting for some pictures from PA!! We had a wonderful time. Lucy constantly wanted "Pap!" When she woke up from her nap - the first thing she said when we walked in the door was "Pap!" I was spoiled by mom - she cleaned my whole upstairs! Dad enjoys exercising by walking around the neighborhood and mowing our lawn. Lucy enjoyed cleaning also - Nanny brought her a cleaning set and she loves using the sponge and mop. Thanks for making the long, 9 hour trip out here, Mom and Dad! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Fun

Lucy being silly!

We take Lucy to the library for different programs - this week the theme was insects and she did her first art project - the spiders were already drawn on the paper in crayon and I helped her spray watercolors on to reveal the hidden spiders. Definitely some refrigerator art!

holding her picture with Daddy

Lucy and Daddy playing outside

Playing on her roller coaster

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Like Daddy!

Lucy has been pulling out the atlas and looking at it without being prompted! Truly her daddy's girl. It's funny since I'll be doing laundry and then come into the room and there she is on the floor, turning pages and pointing at things.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucy Dances to Loop Man Dan

Our little dancer - we think Danielle dancing off to the side is pretty great also. (We love you, Danielle!!) Loop Man Dan was great, too! Before playing the video, pause the music on the bottom of the page.

Aunt Mim and Tallie visit

The girls enjoying ice cream: Kim, Lori, Danielle, and Tallie
Tallie and Lucy posing on the frogs at Newport Aquarium

This is one of my favorite pictures. The girls were looking at the turtles, fish and alligators underneath their feet.

Lucy, Kim and Tallie at the aquarium - this is the day after Lucy's little accident - so she's not full of smiles :)
My sister Kim and niece Tallie came down for their summer visit. We had a really nice time and did some fun things while they were here. The best being just sitting and talking with one another. I'm very thankful for these 2 gals.