Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exciting News!!


Piper Joy Wheeler
We cannot wait to meet you!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Vacation Part 2 - Pennsylvania

So vacation was back in the end of August and beginning of September - and it's now almost the end of October!  It's been busy!  But finally being able to update!
We had an amazing vacation.  Annie is so easy to travel with and just goes with the flow.  Lucy is easy, loves hotels, and will either talk our ears off in the car or watch a video.  We were bummed we didn't get to Knoebels this time around - only open on the weekends and it rained the day we were going to go.  But still a blessed time with family.  Here are a few shots:
Taking a bath in Nanny's sink!

Hanging out in the yard with Uncle Eric.

Already fighting over the tv.

Playing in Nanny and Pappy's house - an making messes on the floor.


Another birthday celebration for Annabelle.

Shannon - one of my oldest and dearest hometown friends.

Lucy and Lylah eating cupcakes (Lylah is Shannon's daughter)

The "boys" - Matthew, Dad, Uncle David and Scott (mom and dad's best friends)

Lucy, Annabelle, and Lylah

Annie @ Mam Mam Bushie's house with Uncles David and Bobby

Hanging out on Nanny's front porch in the morning

Taking a bath!

Getting love from Mam Mam Bushie

Going home - here are the girls in the hotel room

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 7 Years!!!!